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3 Strategies to Attract Attention at your Next Corporate Event

How to Create Eye-Catching Corporate Event Signage & Displays

An engaging corporate event fosters community, motivates those who attend, and builds excitement surrounding your brand. Furthermore, a successful event can also contribute to enhancing brand loyalty leading to increased revenue for your business.

In order to create a memorable experience for your attendees, it is important that your event’s atmosphere ties in your brand identity. Continue reading to learn how corporate event signage, banners and backdrops, and other strategies can be used to make a lasting impression on your guests. 

1. Display Corporate Event Signage 

Custom corporate event signage allows your event to stand out from the competition. By inserting your brand identity throughout the event space using custom signage, you can create an event that is uniquely your brand’s. Beginning when attendees first arrive at your venue, branded signage can welcome guests by displaying your company’s name and logo, while incorporating the theme of the event. 

Corporate event signage also provides wayfinding benefits by directing attendees to the space within the venue where the event is being held. Wayfinding signage can also make your event more accessible by assisting with navigation and directing to accessible amenities, such as elevators. Creating an accessible event will allow your company to be more inclusive, invite more attendees, and help guests feel more comfortable and connected to who you are as a company. 

Inside the event space, corporate signage can be used to inform your customers about your brand’s product offerings, history, future plans, and so on. For example, a custom sign featuring a timeline of your company or the process of creating your newest product can spark the interest of attendees and educate them about what you do. 

Here at BlueFire Visual, our experienced project managers work with you to create signage that accurately represents your brand and event theme in a compelling way. We are skilled at creating event signage and other visual communication products  to enhance your corporate event environment. For your special  event, you might consider displaying eye-catching backlit  signs or lenticular wall displays to allure and entice attendees. 

Examples of Past Corporate Event Signage

1. TechConnect World Innovation Conference & Expo

2. Technology Innovation Policy and Driving Innovation Awards Dinner

2. Create Photo Ops Using Banners and Backdrops

Corporate events don’t need to be all business! Create an exciting atmosphere and promote engagement with your brand through the addition of photo opportunities. In the business world, social media plays a huge role in attracting attention to your brand. By displaying banners and backdrops for photos, your event attendees will have the opportunity to post them and become brand advocates on social media. This will attract more attention to your event and spark curiosity surrounding your brand. This can be especially beneficial if your corporate event is surrounding a product launch or company milestone at the time. 

Many of our clients are now using step and repeat backdrops for their photography backgrounds. First seen at red carpet events, step and repeat backdrops feature company and sponsor logos printed in a checkerboard pattern. They are frequently used in celebrity interviews and press conferences, making them the perfect backdrop to make your guests feel like stars at your corporate event. 

We create vinyl and fabric event banners and backdrops that are mounted to portable metal frames that can be placed safely in the area of the venue where you desire to do your photo ops.  

Examples of Past Banners and Backdrops

1. Optum Ignition 

2. Love Progress Park #SeeHerLead Event

3. Stand Out from the Crowd with Unique 3D Products

3D products can be used in a variety of ways to help your corporate event stand out. Our 3D custom displays can be made to be informative and interactive. We will work with you to bring a unique 3D display to life and are able to create most anything you can think of  — we never back down from a challenge. 

We specialize in event towers, 3D lettering, and so much more. If your corporate event is based around a product launch, we are able to create a blown-up version of the product to display at the event. If your event is celebrating a company anniversary, we can create giant 3D numbers or letters to celebrate the occasion. The possibilities are endless when it comes to 3D products and displays by Heritage BlueFire. 

Examples of Past 3D Products and Displays

1. Krispy Kreme

2. Combat Medical 

Make Your Next Corporate Event Memorable with the Help of a Visual Transformation Company 

Here at BlueFire Visual, our project managers work with you to transform your corporate event venue in order to accurately present your brand. Our team of highly-trained experts can help turn any convention center or hotel meeting space into one that informs and inspires attendees. We have experience scaling your brand to a wide variety of event environments including convention centers, arenas, stadiums, conference centers, outdoor venues, auditoriums, concerts, race tracks, art galleries and museums. 

We seek to provide the highest quality customer experience while fully supporting all facets of site surveys, brand implementation, sign and graphics production and installing the event signage and displays at your venue. When the event is over we can assist you with removal of the signage and restore the facility back to its original condition. 

Ready to “wow” your attendees at your next corporate event? Click the button below to contact us for more information or request a quote. We’re looking forward to working with you. 

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