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3 Ways to Visually Transform your Office Space

Create an Ideal Office Space with these Experiential Graphic Design Tips

How your office environment looks and feels says a lot about your brand. Visually, it communicates who your company is and what it is like to do business with you.

Do you know what your office space says about your company? Does it demonstrate your ability to be innovative and creative? Or does the space feel like it could deter potential employees and visitors from wanting to stick around? As a business owner, it’s vital to create an inviting work environment where employees feel inspired. A well-designed space is proven to increase work productivity, creativity, and employee happiness. 

In addition, your office space provides a first impression of your company to all visitors. In the business world, first impressions matter, which is why it is vital that your space conveys a certain message. Plus, a majority of business decisions are made by the subconscious mind. According to this theory, an office’s look and feel could potentially influence a business decision more than any presentation you prepare. Therefore, it is important to ensure that your office space fosters a meaningful connection between your business and your clients. 

So how do you accurately represent your brand goals, values, and mission through your office space? Discover how experiential graphic design can help to visually transform your office, as well as examples of our past work for inspiration on how you can feature experiential design in your own space.  

What is Experiential Graphic Design? 

Through imagery, color, content, and typography, experiential graphic designers create environments with the purpose of fostering an emotional connection. By using this technique, you can quickly and easily turn a bland space into one that motivates and inspires. Here at Heritage BlueFire, we pride ourselves in creating engaging office environments that align with our client’s brand identity through custom signage, wall wraps, window graphics, and more. 

1. Display Custom Signage Throughout the Space

Signage throughout your office space can be used for multiple purposes. Sophisticated signage increases credibility and creates a professional work environment while also allowing your office to be easily recognizable. Fun and distinctive signs create a lasting memory of your business in the minds of customers and clients. 

Wayfinding signage also helps clients and employees locate important areas around the office. For example, signs featuring the company, employee’s name, and title can help visitors easily find whoever they are looking to meet with. 

In order to make office signage really stand out, we offer backlit, custom painted, acrylic, laser cut wood, dimensional options, and more. We can work with you to create a custom piece that is both eye-catching and informative for anyone visiting your office space. 

Examples of Past Work: Commercials Signs

Below are a few examples of commercial signage we have created for office spaces throughout the years. 

1. WCNC Charlotte, Charlotte, NC

2. Live Oak Bank, Wilmington, NC

3. McIlveen Family Law Firm, Charlotte, NC

2. Use Wall Wraps to Showcase Your Company’s Mission, Values, and History

Your company values convey to your employees and clients what your company is all about. They are the guiding principles to achieving your company’s mission and are often considered when making both big and small business decisions. An innovative display of these values has many benefits, including providing guidance for employees to help them make the right decisions. In addition, by widely displaying the company mission, you can motivate employees and create a shared purpose.

It is equally important to foster an emotional connection with current and potential clients. By displaying what your business does and why you are good at what you do, clients can develop a deeper understanding of your company and how it operates, which then leads to gaining their trust. 

By applying these decals to walls or other flat surfaces, you can quickly transform your space with minimal effort. Many companies use wall wraps to creatively display company values, motivational quotes, mission statements, and more throughout the office space. 

Examples of Past Work: Wall Wraps

Check out previous wall wraps we have created for corporate offices to gain inspiration for how you can have one added to your space. 

1. Enpro Industries, Charlotte, NC

2. CCL Label, Charlotte, NC

3. Eagle Hill, Arlington, VA

3. Add Privacy with Frosted Vinyl Window Graphics 

While it’s important to foster collaboration in your office space, it is equally as important to provide private spaces for meetings and distraction-free working. In order to create these spaces without blocking natural light, we recommend using window graphics to easily add privacy to any room. 

Window graphics are typically made with frosted vinyl and are custom created to suit your needs when it comes to sizing, branding, and privacy. 

In addition to adding privacy, window graphics can also be used to display pertinent information about your brand such as your company name, hours of operation, contact information, etc. They can even be featured on each employee’s door to display their name and/or title.  

Examples of Past Work: Frosted Vinyl Window Graphics

Below are unique ways we created privacy for office spaces. 

1. TEGUAR, Charlotte, NC

2. Superfici America, Concord, NC

3. Mythic, Charlotte, NC

Create a Custom Office Space with the Help of Heritage BlueFire 

Does your office space feel boring and uninspiring? Experiential graphic design can easily transform your work environment into one that accurately represents your business. 

Here at Heritage BlueFire, we want to make sure that your office space is perfectly customized to fit your vision. Since we are experts in the experiential graphic design field with decades of experience, we know that it is imperative to use the highest quality printing equipment possible to create lasting pieces that fit seamlessly into your space. 

We are dedicated to the customer experience and will work with you every step of the way to ensure that the materials we produce perfectly meet your needs. We desire to exceed your expectations at all stages of the creation and installation process. After creating your custom pieces, we can schedule the installation based on your availability.

With the help of a trustworthy experiential graphics company, you can easily transform your office space into a better environment for your employees and clients. For more information about how we can help you create a uniquely-designed office environment, don’t hesitate to request a quote by clicking the button below. 

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