Environmental Wall Wraps & Graphics For Events in Charlotte NC

Case Studies

Corporate Transformation Case Study: Teguar

Take a look at how we transformed Teguar Corporation’s office space using custom experiential graphics. As part of the collaboration, we created and installed various feature walls and window graphics to impart interest to the space, making it feel polished, modern, and personalized.

University Case Study: Johnson & Wales University and Pfeiffer University

Discover how we transformed two university campuses: Johnson & Wales University and Pfeiffer University. For these projects, we created and installed various types of signs, directory maps, banners, and wall wraps to showcase their brand, core values, and school spirit. 

Krispy Kreme Case Study: Corporate Conference and Store Locations

The popular doughnut and coffee chain, Krispy Kreme, approached us to create experiential graphics for one of their conferences –– and ever since then, our partnership has grown. Learn about our relationship with Krispy Kreme and view the various assets we have helped create for them over the years.