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4 Secrets to Creating a Compelling Retail Experience

Tips for Retail Stores: Storefront Signs, Displays, and More

With the rise of online shopping, customers are seeking an engaging experience when they choose to visit brick and mortar stores. Beginning when the customer first spots your store, the experience continues all the way through the purchase process. 

While customer service and the quality of products are vital parts of the customer experience, it’s important not to overlook how storefront signs, displays, and the overall atmosphere of your store also play a role. 

Discover how storefront signs, graphic displays, and the like can be used to impress and entice customers throughout the entirety of the retail experience. 

1. Catch Customers’ Attention with a Unique Storefront

When it comes to attracting customers to your storefront, first impressions are extremely important. The appearance of your store from the outside is part of what entices customers to enter. What can you do to make your storefront stand out from the competition? Creative signage and window graphics can be used to transform your storefront into one that will captivate anyone walking by! 


A storefront sign will typically catch the consumer’s eye first. A dull, plain sign is difficult to notice and can even deter customers from entering your store. By displaying a storefront sign that accurately depicts your brand, you can easily increase foot traffic, boost sales, and improve brand recognition. 

Here at Heritage BlueFire, we work with your creative team to make sure your store’s signage appeals to your target customers. We are skilled in creating custom metal, wooden, and painted signs to bring your vision to life. View our past work to see what’s possible to create for your storefront.  

Window Graphics

Looking for another way to spruce up your store’s exterior in order to encourage customers to enter your store? Adding window graphics is a unique way to make your storefront stand out from the competition. 

Window graphics are printed stickers, decals, or clings made from adhesive vinyl that feature your choice of branded imagery. They can be customized to accurately reflect your brand, inform your customers about your product offerings, or promote special offers. Additionally, window graphics are long-lasting, but can be easily removed if you’re looking to switch them up based on the seasons or promotions you are running. Best of all, window graphics provide all of these benefits without blocking the natural light that brightens up your store. 

Examples of Past Work 

2. Use Wall Space to Set the Mood 

Once a customer has entered the store, there are many ways to utilize your wall space to enhance the customer experience. Wall wraps, 3D logos, and dimensional lettering can further engage and impress customers during their shopping experience. 

Wall Wraps

Wall wraps are a great way to create a branded atmosphere inside your retail store. For example, a supermarket could add a wall wrap featuring fresh produce to enhance the branding within the store. Meanwhile, a sporting goods store could add a wall wrap featuring notable players or an inspirational quote to motivate customers to continue working hard to achieve their goals. Wall wraps can even be interactive and encourage customers to take a selfie and post it on social media. Get creative with it and showcase your brand’s unique style!

Wall wraps can even boost sales by drawing customer’s focus to specific products. By displaying an eye-catching wall wrap behind merchandise, you can easily bring attention to certain products within your store. We suggest placing wall wraps behind or near clothing racks, merchandise shelves, and other product displays to increase sales. Additionally, because wall wraps are easily replaced, you can change up the design to suit your specials and promotions.  

Dimensional Logos and Lettering 

Looking to add sophistication to your retail space? Dimensional logos and lettering can display your store name in a distinctive way within your retail space. If needed, we can color match your provided company Pantone numbers to perfectly match your chosen color scheme. 

Dimensional logos and lettering also work well as decoration within your store and can help strengthen your branding. Adding LED lighting to interior signage allows it to be viewed outside the store as well, providing increased allure. 

Examples of Past Work

3. Bring Attention to Special Offers with Captivating Point-of-Purchase Displays

Looking to promote a special offer or increase sales of a specific product? Draw in customers with eye-catching point-of-purchase (POP) displays sure to catch their attention. POP displays have shown to be incredibly effective in boosting revenues and attracting interested buyers. 

End Caps

Commonly seen in grocery and big-box stores, end caps are frequently used in retail settings at the end of each aisle to display and draw attention to products that are new or on sale. As customers are walking along each aisle, the products featured in the end cap are the first thing they see. 

If you choose to utilize end caps in your point-of-purchase displays, we recommend featuring a customized design to further stand out from the competition. Additionally, the display should include a description of the product to educate the buyer along with the price in order to further simplify the decision-making process.

Floor Graphics

Flooring graphics are an underrated method of driving sales for a specific product. They work by capturing the interest of customers and leading them to the desired merchandise. They are shown to be extremely effective as customers tend to look down when walking. Because of this, they’re likely to notice a graphic along the floor, so be sure to utilize this prime real estate.

Made with durable vinyl materials, floor graphics are made to last and are easy to replace in order to keep up with promotions. 

Examples of Point-of-Purchase Displays for Inspiration

Boost Your Retail Sales with the Help of a Visual Transformation Company

Ready to transform your retail space to create a memorable shopping experience for your customers? With decades of experience, we at Heritage BlueFire can work with you to produce custom storefront signs, displays, and more based on your needs. 

We value the customer experience and will work with you during all stages of the design and installation process. After creating your custom product with the highest-quality material, we can schedule the installation based on your availability. 

We can’t wait to help you foster an enjoyable shopping experience. If you’re ready to start the creative process or have any questions about our retail and storefront product offerings, don’t hesitate to reach out to us via the button below.

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