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How to Customize Your Storefront with Unique Signage

A Complete Guide to Custom Storefront Signs

The storefront of your business is your brand’s first impression to your customer — often the deciding factor that determines whether or not they want to enter or even see your store. This is why it’s crucial that your storefront conveys your business’s essence to your customers and attracts your target audience. 

A prominent sign is the most integral element of your storefront. It is the beginning of the retail experience and your first opportunity to make a visual impact by communicating your brand’s message to your target audience. The material, font, and colors of your sign all play a role in your message. So, what does your current storefront sign tell customers about your brand?

Discover how to leverage your brand by using custom storefront signs. 

Types of Custom Storefront Signs

There are many different types of signs that can be customized to reflect your business’s identity. Continue reading to learn more about common signage materials that can be uniquely customized.

Wooden Custom Storefront Signs

Wooden signs are great for achieving a rustic look or natural appeal. Since wood is a durable material, your new sign will last for years to come. Wooden signs are also highly customizable, with the ability to be laser etched, cut and routed, or directly printed. This gives you the ability to add your store’s name, phone number, location, and any other elements you think are important for your customer to know at first glance. The size, shape, and thickness can also be tailored based on your preferences. 

Wooden custom storefront signs are an excellent choice for natural wellness and beauty boutiques. This material helps communicate to the customer that your company values natural ingredients. Wooden signs also work well for antique shops, craft beer stores, restaurants, looking for a rustic, casual look. As always, we can work with you to create a custom wooden sign that accurately represents your brand and attracts customers. 

LED Custom Storefront Signs

When it comes to attracting attention to your store and boosting sales, we highly recommend adding LED signs somewhere along your storefront. These energy-efficient signs increase consumer engagement and provide more visibility than traditional signs. They can even be customized based on color and light intensity for a custom display. We suggest utilizing neon colors for an added “wow” factor from a far distance. 

LED signs are ideal  for businesses that operate during evening hours and want full visibility, making them a great option for convenience stores, restaurants, entertainment venues, and such . They are also excellent for achieving a “vintage look” — perfect for retro record stores, barber shops, and more. 

PVC Custom Storefront Signs

PVC is the most versatile sign material, making it ideal for any long-term custom creation. PVC comes in many thicknesses and forms, ranging from ⅛ to 2” thick. It is available in a variety of colors that permeate all the way through the material, so any scratches or external damages won’t alter the colors of the sign. You can also select matte or glossy finishes based on your preferences and current branding palette. PVC can be used as the substrate or backboard of a sign and can even be routed into specific shapes, such as letters, logos, and more. 

We recommend PVS signs for any business, since they can easily be customized to achieve your vision. 

Acrylic Custom Storefront Signs

Acrylic is highly customizable and comes in many colors and thicknesses as well as textured finishes, such as frosted and scalloped. Acrylic has the unique ability to be laser cut, which achieves a glossy finished edge. Due to its similar appearance, acrylic is a great alternative to costly and less durable glass signs.

We suggest using acrylic signs for storefronts that are covered, since they will not fare well with direct sunlight. In fact, the sun’s radiation can cause the acrylic to yellow over time. 

Metal Custom Storefront Signs

Metal signs are typically composed of aluminum sheet metal or aluminum composite material (ACM). ACM is a composite material made of two sheets of aluminum with a rigid plastic substrate between them. The plastic core of the material adds strength and rigidity, while maintaining the aesthetic of a metal sign. ACM comes in a variety of colors as well as specialized finishes, such as brushed silver and gold. These signs are very durable and can withstand years of outdoor conditions, making them ideal for permanent use. 

Metal signs are perfect for businesses looking to achieve an upscale look, such as high-end clothing or jewelry stores. Signs made from wooden materials can also be enhanced with metal to add more interest and eye appeal. 

Past Examples of Custom Storefront Signs

Create Custom Storefront Signs with Bluefire Visual 

With decades of experience, we at BlueFire Visual, can custom create the storefront sign of your dreams. With extensive knowledge of signage materials, we are experts in the engineering process. We can suggest a custom sign based on the type of business and company goals , as well as the environment where it will be  displayed. From conception to installation, we are here to collaborate with you every step of the way. 

Ready to transform your plain storefront into one that accurately represents the future of your brand? Don’t hesitate to contact us today for more information regarding custom storefront signs. 

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