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Sporting Event Signage and Displays for Stadiums and Fields

The Benefits of Stadium Graphics for Sporting Event Venues

It’s gameday and thousands of eager fans are waiting in line to trade in their tickets for access into the stadium. With over 150 million people in North America attending sporting events per year, stadiums and arenas are commonly filled to capacity with excited fans ready to see their favorite players score. On the other hand, many attendees prefer attending sporting events solely to experience the energetic atmosphere of the stadium or arena. With concession stands serving hot dogs and cotton candy, cheering fans, and unique displays, the stadium environment is an exciting experience like no other!

The design, look, and feel of the stadium plays an integral role in fostering the upbeat atmosphere that fans expect when going to see their favorite team play. Stadium graphics and signage significantly help to boost team spirit, feature team sponsors, and provide important information to attendees to maintain a safe environment. As you can see, stadium graphics and signage play a vital role in the success of any sporting event. 

Discover how stadium graphics can be used to create a fun experience for all attendees. 

1. Show Team Pride by Branding the Stadium or Arena

There’s nothing like the feeling of walking into the stadium on the day of the big game. The branding of the stadium can enhance the fans’ experience and create further excitement about the game. A stadium graphic, sign, or banner featuring a lineup of the team, a notable player, or the mascot can boost a fan’s team pride. Additionally, displaying the logo and team colors throughout the stadium creates a cohesive look, making the experience more captivating. 

Professional stadium branding can be achieved in a number of ways depending on the venue. Floor graphics are typically used in basketball arenas to brand the court for the home team. Throughout the game, fans keep their eyes on the court, which makes it an ideal spot for promotion. Floor graphics are made of adhesive vinyl and are extremely durable with the ability to withstand players running, dribbling, and rebounding all over them. The graphics vary in size, and can even be color-matched to your team’s exact shade of colors. Keep in mind, it is vital that these graphics are properly installed to prevent air bubbles and peeling. Therefore, hiring a professional company for this part of the process is a must. 

It is equally important to brand a stadium if a team rebrands or changes its name. For major sports teams with years of history, the rebranding process can take years to implement. However, redesigning the stadium can help to accelerate the process, uniting the past fan base with the present rebranding of the team. 

2. Allow for Accessibility with Wayfinding Signage 

Wayfinding signage is used to help attendees easily find their way around the sporting venue. By directing people to important points of interest, such as entryways, restrooms, concession stands, seating, and exits, you can easily improve the flow of traffic, preventing traffic jams and long lines. Stadium maps can also assist in helping fans find their way around the venue. Additionally, informational wayfinding signage can state important stadium rules, such as “no smoking” or ‘weapons prohibited,” keeping everyone informed and safe. These signs are especially useful in the event of an emergency. 

Additionally, wayfinding signage aids with accessibility. In order to promote accessibility, people with disabilities should be able to easily navigate the stadium to fully enjoy the event. 

Types of wayfinding signage can include signs, banners, floor graphics, and stair wraps to display this helpful information. 

3. Creatively Display Stadium Advertising

Almost all sporting venues sell stadium advertising spaces in order to make additional revenue and help keep the price of tickets affordable. Many large and small businesses will pay large sums of money to have their brand name displayed at a sporting event. In fact, these advertising spots can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars in the major sporting leagues. At high school and college sporting events, local businesses typically sponsor the programs in order to help the local community. Knowing that a local business is supporting a community activity can create lifetime brand loyalty for fans.

Stadium advertising is commonly displayed along the field or above the stands. It is important that stadium advertising signage and displays complement the atmosphere of the stadium while maintaining brand recognition for the advertiser. Additionally, since most stadiums are outside and exposed to the elements, it is vital that they are long-lasting and can withstand exposure to rain, heat, and snow. Many advertisements are left on for the entirety of the season, so it is important that the highest-quality materials are used and professionally installed to ensure longevity. 

Different sporting venues require different approaches to advertising. For example, baseball fields typically display advertisements surrounding the outfield using vinyl wraps, while basketball stadiums frequently utilize LED and digital signage. Stadium advertisements should always be tailored to the specific venue. 

Past Examples of Stadium Graphics and Signage

Below are a few past examples of stadium graphics we have created to achieve a cohesive, branded look while also providing wayfinding benefits to fans. 

Customize Your Stadium or Arena with the Help of BlueFire Visual

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Since we use only the highest quality vinyl and printing materials, our custom products are built to withstand the test of time. Additionally, we have the capabilities to create any size stadium graphics and signage in an assortment of sizes, shapes, and colors. 

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