Improve Your University's Branding with Interior Graphics

Johnson & Wales University - Charlotte, North Carolina

Project Background

The Johnson & Wales University Charlotte Campus was looking to give their admissions lobby a facelift. Knowing that it was the first impression many of the university’s visitors and prospective students would have of their brand, they wanted to guarantee it expressed who they are and that it makes a positive impression on anyone who sets foot in the space. 

Creative Collaboration

Through an online search and networking event, our team was able to connect with the Johnson & Wales Admissions Department. During the initial conversation, they expressed their interest in transforming their interior space to visually engage with visitors.

Our Project Manager, James Zambrano, stepped in to offer his expertise in interior graphics. As part of our process to determine the best products to achieve the client’s vision for the space, we visited the site to get a better feel for the facilities and size of the project. Together we outlined a course of action and once approved, we began to implement the new products.

Project Development

Over the course of three months, we worked together to create and install their selected products. For this particular client, we created and installed various visual solutions including:

  • Printed Large Acrylic Plaques
  • Logo Updates
  • Dimensional and Vinyl Lettering 
  • Monument Signage Panels
  • Acrylic Directory Maps 
  • Updated Old Signage 
  • Added New Signage

Johnson & Wales benefitted from being able to collaborate with us from start to finish for all of their products’ replacements and updates. Now, their story is showcased from the moment someone walks through the door of their admissions lobby!

Pfeiffer University - Misenheimer, North Carolina

Project Background

Pfeiffer University began an expansion project that included the addition of a new building to their main campus. Initially, they were looking for a company that could assist them in the creation of mesh banners to be placed throughout the new building.

Creative Collaboration

After meeting with a member of their Marketing Department, our Project Manager, James Zambrano, went to the campus to gain a better understanding of the scope  of the project and the possible signage products that would enhance their interior spaces. After the visit, he recommended solutions that best fit into their budget and accomplished their overall goals.

Project Development

The initial contact began in March 2017, when construction started on the building. Throughout the next three years, our team worked closely with Pfeiffer University to make updates and additions to the project. Once the building was completed, our team went on-site to complete the installation process, making sure no detail went unnoticed. 

Over the course of our long-term collaboration, we created and installed the following products to be used throughout the campus: 

  • Monument Signs
  • Brushed Aluminum Channel Lettering
  • Ada Wayfinding Signage
  • Wall Wraps for Stairwell Walls
  • LED Building Lights on the Main Building

It is our pleasure to present the new signage and interior graphics of Pfeiffer University, which have created an engaging experience for both students, staff and visitors. 

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