Environmental Wall Wraps & Graphics For Corporate Office in Charlotte NC

Who We Are

  • Passionate group of creative problem solvers
  • Consistent award-winning printing and products
  • Our clients rave about our creative collaboration
  • We try very hard to deliver results that exceed expectations
  • Our team walks the walk on responsive communication
  • We’ve created a place where designers are free to innovate

Our promise to you: Our team is here to help you collaborate, experiment, create, and deliver transformative and inspiring products and environments.

“Working with BlueFire is an absolute pleasure. They produced beautiful products, advised on the creative process and helped activate different spaces at the event. Can’t say enough good things!”

– Emma Haberman

Our Own Timeline

Here is a glimpse at where we’ve been and where we are going!


Gass Printing

Truly a garage startup, focussing on small-format commercial printing. It wasn't long before the whole house was commandeered for growing demand!

Gas Printing Sign - Est 1977
Going Places

1st Commercial Space

In 1985, it was time to move into our first official office space. By 1989 we grew into 3 locations to keep up with local demand


Heritage Printing & Graphics

Joe Gass Jr. served in the Navy, and in honor of the USS Hermitage, where significant time was spent, it made perfect sense to rename the company to Heritage Printing & Graphics!

Renamed Sign - 1988

Heritage Printing & Graphics

As most companies do, Heritage was exploring variations on the company Logo and Branding. 1994 marked a significant change that lasted for 14 years.

Heritage Sign - 1994

Lexington Park Printers

Always looking at opportunities for growth, Heritage acquired a local Commercial Print Provider called Lexington Park Printers.

Lexington Park Printers Sign - Acquired 1998

Heritage Printing & Graphics

After 14 great years, it was time again for Heritage to make a change to its identity. This year was significant as Heritage entered into wide format printing and signage.

Heritage Sign - Rebranded 2008

Bluefire Visual

With the Signage business growing exponentially, Heritage acquired Bluefire Visual for potential opportunities in the future for diversification into new markets.

BlueFire sign - Acquired 2009

Beacon Printing

Heritage acquired Beacon Printing a growing commercial print company in the Maryland/DC area. This was a perfect fit for needed equipment and customer growth.

Becon Printing - Acquired 2015
New Beginnings

Bluefire Visual

With growing demand and new capabilities for larger creative projects, we needed a Name and Brand that represented the future vision for the company.

Bluefire Logo